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Price Risk Management
With offices in 8 locations across the world, SG CIB helps corporates, banks, central banks and municipalities in more than 90 countries throughout the world achieve successful management and control of their commodity price exposure through the use of appropriate hedging products. We are active in a wide array of markets, including crude oil, refined products, natural gas power, LNG, coal, base metals, precious metals, steel, agricultural commodities.
As a ring dealing member of the London Metal Exchange SG Corporate & Investment Banking offers clearing and execution services on London Metals Exchange futures and option contracts.
To support our investor clients' needs, we have developed an ever growing series of proprietary commodity Exchanged Traded Funds, Exchanged Traded Notes, certificates, mid-term paper, baskets and indices.
The product suite is delivered with the support of a world class strategic research capability.
Commodity Financing
We are active in the full spectrum of commodities sectors. In hard commodities, we finance a wide range of metals (base, precious, steel, etc.) and energy products. We are also heavily involved in soft commodities, such as grains and tropical agricultural.

Furthermore, we cover the entire spectrum of commodities flows from origins to destinations, providing a full range of finance structures and solutions for producers, traders, processors and end-users of commodities:
  • 'Metals & mining finance' concentrates on cash flow risk for small- to medium-size mining clients, as well as on the corporate needs of industry leaders.
  • 'Structured commodity finance' deals with emerging market commodity producers.
  • 'Corporate commodity finance' provides commodity trading companies, processors and distributors in OECD countries with commodity-related financing together with traditional corporate finance.
  • 'Experts in the 'trade finance' team offer exporters and traders protection against non-payment risk on export receivables and offer importers in emerging countries structured financing.
  • Base Metals
    House of the year
  • #1 Base Metals Overall
    #1 Aluminium; #1 Copper; #1 Nickel
  • #1 UK/Europe Brent
    #1 Energy Structured Products
  • #1 Best Overall Commodity Finance Bank
    #1 Best Metals Commodity Finance Bank
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